Qualität entwickeln mit und durch Bewegung
Setting: Kindergarten


Gesundheit und Fitness im Sportunterricht
Health in physical education
Setting: Schule


Physical Activity-related health-Competence in Apprenticeship, Vocational Education and vocational setting
Setting: berufliche Bildung

ACTION for men

Kapazitätsaufbau in der Gemeinde: Männer in Bewegung
Setting: Männer 50+ in der Kommune


Capabilities and interactive knowledge to action – Concepts and Methods


Evaluation des Capability-Aufbaus für einen körperlich aktiven Lebensstil in einem interaktiven Wissenstransfer-Netzwerks zur Gesundheitsförderung


What if…

…everyone met the physical activity recommendations?


saving health-related costs


avoid premature mortality

In reality, though, it looks quite different:


Physical Inactivity



A research consortium for interactive knowledge exchange in Health Promotion. 

The Capital4Health consortium has taken up this challenge by aiming to develop and research capabilities for active lifestyles among different population groups and professional target groups, as well as the structural capacities at the organizational and system level through an interactive knowledge-to-action approach. It is a transdisciplinary consortium of research institutions, policymakers and professionals mostly based in the German state of Bavaria. In the first funding phase, five empirical subprojects develop, implement, and evaluate interventions to promote capabilities in different age groups (children, adolescents/trainees, adult men, and senior citizens) and among relevant professional target groups (e.g. kindergarten teachers, teachers, vocational trainers, and  community-based health promotion providers) as well as organizational and system level capacities in relevant settings (e.g. educational, company and community) to sustainably implement those interventions into routine services. Two cross-cutting projects on (a) concepts and methods of capability development and interactive knowledge-to-action (IK2A) and (b) evaluation aim to contribute to health promotion research in the fields of theory-building, methodological enhancement and evaluation.

Here, you find more information about the consortium, its goals and interventions.

The subprojects work in different settings with different goals and approaches. Here you find more information about all individual projects.

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