What if...

….everyone met the physical activity recommendations?


saving health-related costs


avoid premature mortality

In reality, though,

…it looks quite different:


Physical inactivity



Capital4Health – the projects:


Primary objectives:

  1. Support the ability of child care centers to promote active lifestyles through systemic organizational development processes.
  2. Participatory development, testing, institutionalization of “Quality Certification” process to support sustainable development of child care centers.
  3. Development of self-assessment “applications for mobile devices (APPs)” to map and promote capabilities of staff and children at child care centers


The overall project objective is to develop “sport-related health competence” of pupils, aged 10 – 18 years, in Bavarian secondary schools.


  • Targetgroup pupils:sustainably implement health promotion modules into physical education (P.E.) curriculum at secondary schools
  • Target group multipliers: sustainably implement health promotion modules in P.E. teacher education at universities & seminar schools
  • Develop and validate a measurement tool for overall project evaluation on sport-related health competence of pupils at secondary schools


Primary objective: Promotion of Physical Activity-related Health Competence (PArC) among apprentices using two cooperatively developed interventions, a) a physical activity-related intervention for apprentices, and b) an interprofessional education intervention for stakeholders in vocational education (VE)

ACTION for men

Primary objective: Build and sustain community capacity to develop and implement physical activity interventions that increase the motivation and participation of Bavarian men over the age of 50.


Primary objectives:

  • Strengthen implementation of theories on capabilities and IK2A in empirical Capital4Health subprojects
  • Provide a theoretical framework to conceptualize and link key approaches
  • Operationalize theoretical constructs for utilization in interventions of empirical subprojects
  • Consult empirical subprojects on theory application during implementation
  • Evaluate processes and outcomes related to use of theoretical concepts and related methods
  • Utilize results to advance development of theory and methods


From a process evaluation perspective, this module aims to monitor development and implementation of subproject interventions. From an outcome evaluation perspective, it aims to conceptualize, operationalize and test innovative approaches to analyse changes in capabilities of population target groups and professional target groups for active lifestyle promotion; changes in capacities at the organizational and systems level; and  cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of intervention outcomes in subprojects.

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